Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Directed and choreographed by Susan Stroman
Open: 22.07.2014 - Lincoln Center
Photos by Paul Kolnik and Sara Krulwich

"Always ready to put actors and dancers through demanding paces, Susan Stroman hits a peak with a frogs ballet wherein the leap-frogging has the bounce that we know Sondheim favors. She whirls the Three Graces (Meg Gillentine, Jessica Howard, Naomi Kakuk) as if they're a center-ring aerial act. (AntiGravity gets program credit for assistance.) She even sends hellish flames soaring, with special effects help from Gregory Meeh."
in by David Finkle

"Ms. Stroman's choregraphy shows little of the wit and individuality she brought to ''The Producers'' and ''Contact.'' There is a lot of posing in the manner of Greek statues (with props like discuses and urns, natch). And for the frogs -- who embody the conformity and complacency that keeps the world from moving forward -- there are high-jumping routines involving bungee cords and stylized games of (I swear) leapfrog."
in The New York Times by Ben Brantley

"It's here and it's croa kin'! But even with the ineffable Nathan Lane as its star, with the tireless Susan Stroman providing athletic backup, "The Frogs" — which opened last night at Lincoln Center — needs all the help it can get… So what didn't go right? It certainly wasn't the performance or Stroman's dance-happy, energized staging. No, the trouble went deeper — probably as deep as Aristophanes… Apart from Sondheim and the endlessly inventive Stroman (here in a Cirque de Soleil mood), the heavy lifting is done by Bart and Lane."
in New York Post Online by Clive Barnes

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